Business Contact and other changes 業務連絡人和其他更改

2019年6月16日 下午9:09:05 · Show the original text (translated automatically)
Business Contact and other changes

What an exciting week!

We have been working really hard to bring to you the new version of the Business Contacts.
This is where you can help a Business get in contact with someine they need, and they will pay you for it.

- This list is very exciting:
- Business contact card redesigned.
- Product card changes (for products with single pictures)
- Fixed some text labels in the Product card
- Added Product questions and answers on the Product Card. Ask a question and have someone answer it for you !
- Search functionality has been improved
- Favorite products, now shows pictures
- Further enhancements to our international language translation technology
- Products imported from WWW address - now you can see the pictures imported, when you edit such a product
- Visual changes to the national page (ozuway.com.au, oziway.cn, oziway.com.co, oziway.ru etc)

Enjoy !



- 這個清單非常令人興奮:
- 重新設計商務聯繫卡。
- 產品卡更改(適用于單張圖片產品)
- 修復了產品卡片中的一些文字標籤
- 在產品卡片上添加產品問題和答案。提出問題,並請有人為您解答!
- 搜索功能已改進
- 最喜歡的產品,現在顯示圖片
- 進一步增強我們的國際語言翻譯技術
- 從 WWW 位址導入的產品 - 現在您可以看到導入的圖片,當您編輯此類產品時
- 國家頁面的可視更改(ozuway.com.au、oziway.cn、oziway.com.co、oziway.ru等)