Main country page, and Business Opportunity changes 主國家/地區頁面和業務機會更改

2019年7月12日 上午12:51:43 · Show the original text (translated automatically)
Additional changes to main country page, and Business Opportunity changes also!

- Help page, we have the promotional video now for Promoters.
- Added TOP PROMOTER websites to country page
- Promoter websites, added possibility to hide unwanted common product blocks (recently added, popular and random). Now the - promoter can hide these and leave just teir own products.
- Changed to the way the Business Contact works
- Changed to the way the Tasks work
- Improved the way the Add products by URL import handles pictures
- Resend registration link, changed visually
- Some translation changes

- 説明頁面,我們現在有促銷視頻的推廣人。
- 將熱門網站添加到國家/地區頁面
- 推廣網站,增加了隱藏不需要的通用產品塊的可能性(最近添加,流行和隨機)。現在, 促銷員可以隱藏這些, 只留下自己的產品.
- 更改了業務連絡人的工作方式
- 更改了任務的工作方式
- 改進了按 URL 導入添加產品處理圖片的方式
- 重新發送註冊連結,視覺上更改
- 一些翻譯更改