Enter wholesale offers for Oziway to promote them 輸入 Oziway 的批發優惠以推廣它們

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Enter wholesale offers for Oziway to promote them

This is perfect, you enter the offers (container quantities and our team of Promoters will promote those offers, finding for you a wholesale buyer).

- Added wholesale products as an option when entering an offer (wholesale means you enter a price range, not a price per product)
- Now you can download an Excel spreadsheet with your custom offer that you can send to a potential buyer. So easy !
- When generating a custom offer, you can now select which columns you would like to include in the spreadsheet that you can download to send on to your potential buyer
- Added popular Requests on the main page

輸入 Oziway 的批發優惠以推廣它們


- 在輸入報價時添加批發產品作為選項(批發意味著您輸入價格範圍,而不是每個產品的價格)
- 現在,您可以下載一個Excel試算表與您的自訂產品,你可以發送給潛在的買家。太容易了!
- 生成自訂報價時,您現在可以選擇要在試算表中包括哪些列,您可以下載這些列發送給潛在買家
- 在主頁上添加了熱門請求