Did not find what you were looking for? we will help you 找不到您要查找的內容?我們會説明你

2019/8/15 · Show the original text (translated automatically)

Did not find what you were looking for? We will help you find it. Just post a demand!

- New Product and Service demand form, allows to enter demans very easily (you enter the demand and we will find the product or - service for you).
- Removed payment and delivery sections from Product/Service demand
- Moved language switcher to the footer
- Corrected the blog section with dates
- Corrections to the main Colombian country page (it did not show main gropus of offers like products, services, jobs etc)
- Changed the demand list, added publisher details
- New requests page with tabls for requests and leads
- Now the Dashboard is also available onthe national pages. From now on, even promotes can work on their country domain, without needing to login at oziway.com
- Visual changes in Jobs list
- Product card, added ID and an Add button to add offer to Promoters shop
- Corrected the ewallet, to display the local currency
- Corrected the transaction history in wallet to include payments made for products using ewallet.
- Translation Corrections


- 新的產品和服務需求表,允許很容易地輸入demans(您輸入需求,我們將找到為您的產品或服務)。
- 從產品/服務需求中刪除付款和交付部分
- 將語言切換器移到頁腳
- 更正了帶有日期的博客部分
- 更正哥倫比亞主要國家頁面(它沒有顯示產品、服務、工作等的主要優惠內容)
- 更改了需求清單,添加了發行者詳細資訊
- 包含請求和潛在客戶選項卡的新請求頁
- 現在儀表板也可在國家網頁上提供。從現在開始,即使是推廣可以工作在他們的國家領域,而無需登錄oziway.com
- 作業清單中的視覺化更改
- 產品卡、添加 ID 和添加按鈕,向促銷商商店添加優惠
- 更正電子錢包,以顯示當地貨幣
- 更正錢包中的交易歷史記錄,以包括使用電子錢包的產品付款。
- 翻譯更正