Create offers in Excel to be sent to your customers 在 Excel 中創建要發送給客戶的優惠

2019/8/15 · Show the original text (translated automatically)

Create offers in Excel to be sent to your customers

- Changes to the Business Leads table
- Added Source Country for Wholesale Offers (still called leads, but soon will migrate to Wholesale Offers)
- Added the possibility to recalculate the offered price based on Markup and Price Range in My Offers
- Added [source country] to Product Card
- Implemented new Smartsupp Pro system for helpdesk support
- Corrected an error while editing an advertisement banner
- Cleaned up our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels
- Blog delete times of publishing - just leave Dates
- Added recently added demands to main page
- Now you can change the order statuses
- The seller must now provide basic data (name, contact information) in order to be able to post offers
- When editing your Promoter shop, while listing the offers you now see how much commission can be earned
- Other small changes

在 Excel 中創建要發送給客戶的優惠

- 對業務線索表的更改
- 添加批發優惠的來源國家(仍稱為潛在客戶,但很快會遷移到批發優惠)
- 添加了根據"我的優惠"中的加價和價格範圍重新計算報價的可能性
- 在產品卡中添加 [來源國家]
- 實施新的 Smartsupp Pro 系統,支援説明台
- 更正編輯廣告橫幅時的錯誤
- 清理我們的Facebook,推特和Instagram頻道
- 博客刪除發佈時間 - 只需離開日期
- 添加了最近添加到主頁的需求
- 現在您可以更改訂單狀態
- 賣方現在必須提供基本資料(姓名、聯繫資訊),以便能夠發佈優惠
- 編輯您的促銷商商店時,在列出優惠時,您現在可以看到可以賺取多少傭金
- 其他小變化